Positive media reviews are always beneficial, and from a Colorado SportsCat perspective, we've been pleased to see key motoring journalist write glowingly of the vehicle's unique properties. Following, for your interest, are some key quotes published thus far. (Rod Chapman)

“…….. SportsCat+ certainly cuts a striking form and one which readily provokes double-takes from other motorists and passers-by.”

“With its optional SupaShock suspension, our SportsCat+ didn’t disappoint on the blacktop – in fact, this thing handles better on the road than any other pick-up we’ve sampled.”

“It’s a high-quality suspension setup and it irons out road imperfection beautifully.”

“It shouldn’t be this much fun to punt a pick-up through a set of bends, but that’s life aboard a SportCat+ (or at least it is with one fitted with SupaShock suspension).” (Joshua Dowling)

“The massive wheel and tyre combination not only gives the SportsCat a tougher look but it also elevates its off-road ability with enhanced clearance angles and ride height, the tallest in the class to date.”

“In our off-road test, the SportsCat clambered over boulders and negotiated steep inclines that would have left stock utes stuck.”

4x4 Australia (Fraser Stronach)

“SportsCat+ buyers can also option high-performance SupaShock dampers complete with gas-charged remote reservoirs, as fitted to our SportsCat+. How does it all work? Well, in two words, very nicely.”

“Generally, when you lift a vehicle and add taller off-road-oriented tyres, the on-road dynamics go backwards, but not here; the SportsCat+ feels planted and confident on the road, and the faster you drive it, the better it feels.”

“The high-speed steering and front suspension control on bumpy roads, even corrugated dirt, is particularly impressive. HSV has also returned the electronic stability control, and that it’s not intrusive at all on loose dirt is proof it works.”

“The up-spec front brake package on the SportsCat+ works a treat. The pedal pressure is noticeably higher than stock, but the feel and the retardation is much improved and adds to the high-speed confidence the SportsCat offers.” (Kez Casey)

“The standouts are the tighter ride control and the stiffer brake pedal, which feels more like that of a passenger car than the usual soft and long-travel pedal typical of the class.”

“Delve a little deeper and the SupaShock suspension’s resistance to roll reveals itself. That’s a positive change too, particularly for anyone who doesn’t enjoy the soft and rolling nature of high-riding utes”

“HSV’s changes to the stability-control system are far more fun. HSV certainly knows it’s brand here, adding in licks of tail-out oversteer before stepping in, opening the door to all kinds of socially unacceptable fun on gravel.” (Ryan Lewis)

“While it’s not the HSV we know, SportsCat+ is more than just a collection of aftermarket bits bolted to a new normal Colorado. There is engineering prowess at play here.”